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I would also like to thank you, Mrs Groenen and especially Ms Winton & Mrs Booth for the exceptional care provided to Max in Nursery: He has flourished during his time at Harmondsworth, from a hesitant and wary child to one who is delighted to be going to school. The school is a lovely, stimulating environment, the teachers are kind and compassionate - I can honestly say that withdrawing Max from Harmondsworth is probably one of the things we are saddest about in relation to relocating abroad.

Jeremy King
March 2019

I always enjoy my visits to Harmondsworth Primary School the pupils and staff are helpful and polite and offer to help me set up. The students are always keen to learn about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) and gain new experiences.

November 2017

We would like to take this opportunity and thank you for your time, effort and making Alexander feel so welcome at Harmondsworth from his first day. We will miss you and hope to stay in touch. I know Alex is very excited to let you know how he is getting on in his new school and would love to hear from you too.

Once again, many thanks.

November 2017

I visit a lot of schools all over the country, talking about poetry and my books, and my visit to Harmondsworth Primary at the end of October was up there with some of my favourite visits. The wonderful, warm welcome from the head and the other members of staff, and the brilliant smiles and amazing ideas bubbling out of the heads of the kids I talked to and with were so encouraging, funny and surprising… It’s always a Good Thing to see such a diverse – in all meanings of that word – collection of kids getting on and being kids, enjoying themselves and unafraid to share their thoughts, that it shows there are reasons to be optimistic about the future, despite the gloom of current events we grown ups live with… From my fleeting visit it seems Harmondsworth Primary is a happy little school, focussed on the kids, caring and friendly. So well done all who sail in her!

A.F.Harrold - Poet
November 2017

Dear Mrs Dowding,
It has been privilege for our son to attend HPS for the last two years, however he will be leaving the school as we're moving back to Poland this summer. His last day of school will be on 14th July (Friday) 2017.

We will always be grateful for the school's nurturing environment, excellent education standards and wonderful atmosphere.

Kind Regards

June 2017

I can appreciate all the hard work and added pressures you all go through when you have an inspection. 

I read the letter you received regarding the recent Ofsted inspection and fully agree that the school is a "good" school.  However, we as parents class
it as exceptional.

Yourself and all members of staff are wonderful and it always amazes me how you all know the children by their first names.  It's very warming to see how all the staff interact with the children.

My husband and I have seen our child flourish at Harmondsworth and we really do appreciate
you and all the staff members for your hard work and efforts.

Whatever Ofsted status the school is given we could never praise you all high enough.

Thank you!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Kindest regards

April 2017

Dear Mrs Dowding,
It has been a privilege to send our son to Harmondsworth, even for a short while.  We really did feel the close bond the school has with everyone. 

We were really surprised to hear all the staff address him by name as if they knew him for a long time, even though it was only his 2nd day.  A massive thank you for all your efforts to make him feel at home and for all the care and attention he received.

April 2017

It was a real pleasure to spend time with the children. I am always impressed by how well they work together. Please thank the teachers for an enjoyable and interesting visit.

School Governor
November 2016

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all so much for your help and guidance. You have all provided invaluable support and advice and have remained a familiar,friendly and much needed place of safety for our son. Harmondsworth Primary School has helped him move forward and deal with challenges in a positive way.​

November 2016

Hi Eleesa – Hi Ngaire

Thank you both so much for organising today. I really enjoyed it. Your school is so warm and welcoming, the children courteous and the teachers so open, fun and professional.

Warm wishes

Adam Guillain

I'm sorry for the delay in responding. Busy busy busy!

It was and always is a pleasure to visit Harmondsworth. Of all the schools I visit (which is plenty) I find Harmondsworth to be the most friendly. Staff always make me feel very welcome, chatting to me in the staff room. Additionally the children are always quick to say hello when they see me and want
to chat. They seem really pleased to see me and I feel very honoured by the love they show. Not only this but the students behaviour and motivation to learn is second to none.  This is in part due to the small community feel of the school, where everyone person is known by name and a valued part of the school family.

It was really great to have year 4  on the Elsdale yesterday, piloting our cooking programme aboard. I was really pleased with the visit, and how much the children benefitted from the session.



I had a wonderful time at Harmondsworth! Going into schools every day I get to see a lot, and it’s so refreshing and rewarding to come into a school like Harmondsworth. The pupils are so engaged with new ideas and challenging topics and the staff were incredibly supportive throughout my visit. The student council were keen and energetic – but not to a point where they were distracting. They focused well and clearly have support structures to follow through on ideas. It’s definitely a school I’d like to go back to, and one I would recommend any organisation to build bridges with.

James Raynor
Free The Children

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with the wonderful staff at Harmondsworth Primary School.  The atmosphere is very caring and supportive, and you can tell that as soon as you enter that this is indeed a special place.  All of the staff truly are dedicated to providing the best possible learning environment for the students and support each other well.  The parents work well with the staff to provide exciting extra-curricular events for the children.  It’s a family environment, and I will miss each and every person that I have worked with.

Bob McFadden

It was great having the Year 4 class come to Iver for the Rainforest Experience. They were very enthusiastic and keen to learn about the animals, food and way of life in the rainforest. They really enjoyed seeing and learning about the animals that live in the rainforest. A favourite was the crested gecko
and the white tree frog. They also did a brilliant job working in teams to create some very interesting meal ideas using the foods they 'hunted and gathered' from the rainforest. Termite soup, anyone?

Many Thanks,
Fiona Brewer
Groundwork South
Learning Services
Iver Environment Centre

Thank you for a fabulous day at your school. The children and staff were a pleasure to work with. You have managed to create an environment which is both friendly and creative.

Thank you for letting me try out my new book 'Maisie Poole takes over the school'

Best Regards
Richard O Neil
Author- Storyteller