The School Curriculum

The school follows the Letters and Sounds scheme to deliver phonics throughout the school.

The School has Policies and Schemes of work for all areas of the curriculum, according to the requirements of the National Curriculum.  These are periodically reviewed and revised accordingly.  A new curriculum came into place in September 2014.

Careful planning and monitoring of pupils' work programmes ensures continuity and progression thro ghout the school.  Each pupil has access to all areas of the National Curriculum and is encouraged to work to his/her maximum potential.  On-going teacher assessment with the identification of future learning targets, together with the statutory national Standard Assessment Tests at the end of years two and six, and optional tests in Years 3, 4 and 5, to promote  achievements and standards within the school.

The core subjects are:-
The Foundation subjects are:-
The school delivers the curriculum through topic based units of work.
Religious Education
The school follows the London Borough of Hillingdon and QCA schemes of work.  School assemblies are daily occasions when we meet together as a community for a period of sharing reflection and thought. The moral themes of our assemblies draw on a wide range of sources. Christianity has an unequalled status in our society and it has much to offer. We also consider stories, songs and prayers from other countries.

Our broad aims in the teaching of Religious Education are:-

Curriculum Information
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